ABOUT Cleanzguard

CleanzGuard is a Hand Sanitizer is a

75% Isopropyl Alcohol, fast drying, non sticky gel that contains special ingredients that

leave the skin with a soft, refreshing and silky after feel.  Providing protection against germs

and viruses when soap is not available.

In addition to soap and water, Alcohol is a recommended agent to destroying the coronavirus. It does this by destroying the lipid, or fatty bilayer, that holds it together.  When a virus’s proteins, lipids and RNA fall apart, The components are no longer viable and the virus becomes inactive.  Isopropyl Alcohol breaks down the fatty lipid bilayer or envelope that hold the virus together.  Anything over 80% Alcohol does not have enough time todetroy the lipid membranes sufficiently.  On another note, Anything that has less than 70% Aclohol does not have
enough alcohol to destroythe virus’s lipid bilayer.

Effective in a wide variety of applications, including, Food Service Establishments, Food Processors, Grocery Stores, Hotels and Restaurants, Day Care Facilities, Cruise Ships,

Hospitals and Health Care Centers etc

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